How to educate the Finns in a important theme for society. Where does your food come from?

Torhola 2:
Stars to farmers.

Role: Videography
Agency: Lability
Client: Arla

Research states that younger kids that have been raised in cities are losing touch with nature and they don't know where their food comes anymore. From the lower schools, 1/3 do not know how milk comes from the farms into the homes of people.

Robin, Roope Salminen, and Janna Hurmerinta are brought to the farm early in the morning and get right into work.

Lability created a YouTube formatted video series for Arla that includes entertainment and educational elements filmed at a real family farm.

I was tasked to capture real moments with the cows, landscapes, and interviews with the new farmers.



Episode 1


Episode 2


Episode 3


Episode 4


Episode 5


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