Rebecca introduced herself to me in Los Angeles and played me her first single. After hearing her views, this song and what it meant to her. I offered to create a music video for her. She accepted.


Role: Video Production, Photography
Agency: Santi Fox & Co.
Client: Yeboyah

A mutual friend introduced us on Facebook as I visited Helsinki. Once Yeboyah had arrived in Los Angeles, we linked up to listen to her unreleased first single. She explained what a Broflake is and I explained how I wanted to take the GH5 for a run in the desert.

We combined these ideas to create the visuals for Broflake. I wanted to show her in a position of power, looking down at the Broflakes who get their feelings hurt from all the small things that happen in their lives.

An early morning road trip to the desert with Rebecca & Karoliina.


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Made in Los Angeles, CA

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