A mini-documentary series filmed in New York City for Unibet

Kaukana Eirasta

Role: Videography, Editing, Coloring, Series Production, Photography
Agency: Santi Fox & Co.
Client: Burson-Marsteller

Below is a series of short stories I created for Unibet. All episodes star Miikka "MC Sarre" Sarmakari. Miikka has a history of playing basketball and has grown up with the hip-hop culture from the 80's.

This was my first trip to NYC and had a blast documenting this journey. Entirely filmed and photographed on Sony A7S Mark II with Sony lenses.

We went on a journey to understand the resale market of basketball merch, meeting Al Shep for some street basketball knowledge in Harlem and the college NCAA tournament finals aka. March Madness.

Episode 1


Episode 2


Episode 3

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