To celebrate the new book released by Gary Vaynerchuck. K-Swiss collaborated on a series of launch events in Los Angeles, London and Toronto.

Gary Vee
Crushing It!

Role: Art Direction, Branding
Company: K-Swiss, KSGB

K-Swiss launched a new shoe and a series of events to celebrate Gary Vaynerchucks 5th NYC Times Best Selling book.

The events were held in Los Angeles, London, and Toronto with lines stretching the corners to meet Gary and shop the new limited edition sneakers.

Each location followed the same graphic design elements but was converted to fit each setting. The full release included the three pop-up store designs, product box & tissue paper, microsite and digital advertising graphics.

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Barney Waters, President of K-Swiss:

At K-Swiss we believe that young people’s aspirations have changed, from wanting to be athletes to wanting to be CEO’s and entrepreneurs.  Gary is the voice of this movement, and when the GaryVee K-Swiss sneakers sold out immediately, it really validated our theory.  So now we’re doubling down in 2018, with the new ‘Crushing It’ shoe as just the beginning.

Gary is known for breaking new ground.  Not only was he the first entrepreneur to have a signature sneaker, but this might well be the first sneaker commemorating a New York Times best-selling book.

When we launched the GaryVee 001 and 002 they were US only, and we heard the most complaints from Gary’s fans in Canada and the UK.  To try and make it up to them, we made sure that Toronto and London were two of the locations you can get this new Crushing It shoe.

We’re delighted to celebrate Gary’s latest accomplishment, the launch of Crushing It, with a special colorway of the GaryVee 001 sneaker.  There are only a limited number of pairs so people will have to decide whether to wear them or display them. 

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